Complete roof covering or in combination with shingle-like roof coverings.

Installation process

1 Prepare roof battening.

2 Install module hooks.

3 Insert MATCH Slate modules.

Module formats

Cellular matrix:: 2 x 2 cells
Modular dimensions: 407 x 380 mm

Cellular matrix:: 2 x 6 cells
Modular dimensions: 1051 x 380 mm

Cellular matrix:: 2 x 10 cells
Modular dimensions: 1694 x 380 mm

Examples of installation layouts

Standard 2 x 6

Standard 2 x 10

Offset 2 x 10 with 2 x 2

Offset 2 x 6 & 2 x 2


MATCH Slate can be freely combined with other individual installation layouts.


MATCH Slate is available as standard in Full Black, Totally Black, Brown and Grey. Individual colours and glass surfaces can be freely designed according to SOLARCOLOR.

Full Black

Totally Black



Compatible solar modules

System components