LOCKUP Flatport

The fixation system for framed high-performance modules fully compatible with components of leading manufacturers.


All flat roof coverings: Gravel, granulate, vegetated, bitumen


  • Modules: All frames 30-40 mm
  • Roof connections: Megasol, Schletter and K2


  • High longevity
  • Corrosion resistant alloy
  • 10 years material warranty

Module types

U40 frame

High performance module with U40 frame with LOCKUP fixation on Flatport tray

CleanFrame 3

High performance module with CleanFrame with LOCKUP fixation on Flatport tray

CleanFrame is a frame with no protrusion over the glass (the glass is fitted onto the frame). Dirt and snow can thus drain off unhindered. This creates a natural self-cleaning effect (CleanFrame effect), which enables additional yields of up to 20%.

For flat roofs and only slightly inclined pitched roofs, this is the ideal solution! CleanFrame means more power yield with less maintenance.

Installation procedure

1 Place the LOCKUP rail on Megasol trestles and insert M10x25 hexagon screws into the rail.

2 Place the Flatport trays upside down on the rails and tighten them with M10 flange nuts.

3 Turn the trays over with the rails, align them on the surface and ballast them.

4 Insert LOCKUP middle clamp

5 Place and fix module.

6 With the Flatport trays, the system can be freely dimensioned and aligned.

Compatible solar modules