LOCKUP Flatport

The fixation system for framed modules that is fully compatible with components of leading manufacturers.


  • High longevity
  • Corrosion resistant alloy
  • 10 years material warranty

Two components

  • Rail
  • Clamp

Simple connection

  • Fastening to roof connection by means of screws
    or cross connectors

Secure fixation

  • Click in the clamp
  • Tighten with screwdriver


All flat roof coverings: Gravel, granulate, vegetated, bitumen

High compatibility

  • All frames 30-40 mm
  • Pitched roof and flat roof
  • Compatible with all roof connections from Megasol, Schletter and K2

Installation procedure

1 Place the LOCKUP rail on Megasol trestles and insert M10x25 hexagon screws into the rail.

2 Place the Flatport trays upside down on the rails and tighten them with M10 flange nuts.

3 Turn the trays over with the rails, align them on the surface and ballast them.

4 Insert LOCKUP middle clamp

5 Place and fix module.

6 With the Flatport trays, the system can be freely dimensioned and aligned.

Framed Glass-Glass Modules

Latest technology

  • Highest efficiency levels (HiR & HiR RearCon)
  • Nano-coated solar glass
  • Optimized low-light performance

Wide range of applications

  • The most efficient cell layout for each application
  • Bifacial glass-glass

Swiss warranty

  • 30 years linear performance warranty
  • 15 years product warranty
  • Produced at the Megasol plant in Ningbo

Environmentally friendly

  • Made with renewable power
  • Energetic amortisation under 2 years
  • Seamless traceability of all materials

Essential products