RearCon module technology

23.2% module efficiency, deep black design, free of visible contacts – RearCon is a game changer.

Contacts on the rear side

RearCon means «Rear Contact». All contacting that was previously visible has been moved from the front to the back. This technology is a game changer in terms of performance, price, durability and aesthetics.

23.2%: World record in the royal discipline of module efficiency

RearCon solar modules achieve module efficiencies of up to 23.2%. This corresponds to the world record for the most efficient commercially manufactured solar module. RearCon's performance improvements are achieved through the following technological innovations:

  • The elimination of front contacting leads to more active cell area and thus higher efficiency
  • Busbars with particularly high conductivity reduce internal resistances (lower ohmic losses)
  • Gapless modules: Cell spacing of -0.3 mm (instead of conventional +2.0 mm) leads to area savings and higher efficiency.

RearCon solar module without cell spacing
Gapless: -0.3 mm

Conventional solar modules with cell spacing

Design and aesthetic integration

The innovations in the area of aesthetics include these key points:

  • The contacts on the front side («pinstripe look») are completely eliminated
  • RearCon modules have black, homogeneous «Totally Black» surfaces
  • The cells overlap slightly («gapless») – the classic «square structure» is avoided.

Lower production costs than previous technologies

Due to the technology, the production costs for RearCon are considerably lower. RearCon technology requires a significantly lower number of production steps than the production of previously known rear-contacted solar modules. This cost advantage is passed on. RearCon solar modules are therefore at a significantly lower price level than previous rear-contacted solar modules.

Additional world records

RearCon reaches the top of the podium in five other disciplines. The five world records are particularly important in the field of individual solar building envelopes:

  • Most compact «400+ Wp» solar module
  • Most efficient full black solar module (full black surface)
  • Most efficient double-glass solar module (front and rear glass)
  • Most efficient bifacial solar module (power yields from front and rear side)
  • Most efficient 1'500V solar module (advantage especially for large scale projects)

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