FAST facade system

Substitution of all conventional facade elements with the most efficient solar facade in the world.

Areas of application

FAST is suitable for all areas where curtain wall systems are used. These include, for example, single-family homes, apartment buildings and high-rise buildings. Floor-high solar modules can be inserted into the FAST mounting system. It is used for particularly high static and aesthetic requirements.


The solar modules with backrails are inserted into the horizontal profiles and folded shut like a tilting window. They are locked in place by means of a sliding lock. Subsequent disassembly is possible without restrictions.


The glass-glass modules used on the facade are usually made to measure. Shape, colour, size and surface can be individually designed. Price advantages can be achieved by using standard dimensions.

Design process

1 Attach cross profiles to on-site vertical construction.

2Place module, inclination possible for cabling.

3 Secure module temporarily and adjust, +/- 4mm also possible after mounting.

Option: Secure and adjust the module provisionally

Option: Concealed mounting

Storey-high modules feasible without problems.


The FAST facade system is compatible with vertical constructions in all common materials (wood, aluminum, steel).

System interface

Bonding the backrails to the back of the module is part of the internal production process. This reduces technical, administrative and logistical interfaces as well as expenses.

Mounting type

The mounting is done by means of backrails concealed on the back.

Assembly time

10 m2 / man-hour (experienced assembly personnel)


  • Glass-glass solar modules with SSG glued backrails and mechanical support
  • Horizontal rail, sliding support
  • Vertical construction and brackets/distance bolts are often on-site. If required, these become part of the package.

Technical specifications

Solar module type: glass-glass (colours, shapes, thicknesses, surfaces can be freely defined)

Vertical adjustment: +/- 4 mm, possible at the front even after mounting

Typical span horizontal profile: 800 mm

Hail protection: Protection class 5 (hailstone size 50 mm)

Fire safety classification: B - s1, d0 according to European fire protection standard EN 13501-1. The construction is made of aluminum.

Vertical support: Mechanical (lower edge of solar module)

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