LAYUP Flatport

The mounting system for frameless glass-glass modules (monofacial or bifacial) that is fully compatible with components of leading manufacturers.

How it works

Proven mounting systems such as Schletter, K2 and Megasol are ideally complemented. The safe and efficient mounting solution that enables the use of particularly durable glass-glass solar modules. The new generation of rooftop solar systems: highly efficient, flush-mounted, profitable.


  • Intelligent component design with flexible layout
  • Safe positioning and slip-free fixing in the supporting rails
  • Efficient assembly: position, place and fix the module
  • Roofs and facades with mounting angles between 0º and 90º
  • Full compatibility with K2 and Schletter and Megasol primary constructions
  • Optional: additional clamps for particularly exposed layouts

Installation procedure

1 Place the LAYUP rail in the slots on Megasol trestles.

2 Insert screws.

3 Place and tighten trays.

4 Align tray with rails and ballast.

5 Insert module.

6 Attach clamps. They do not have to be inserted from the outside.

7 Add spacer.

8 Insert the following modules...

9 ... and fix them

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