HiR Technology

The next generation of Megasol modules scores with what matters most: efficiency.

Megasol's HiR technology achieves record-breaking cell efficiency.

HiR (pronounced like the word "hire") is a proprietary cell technology from Megasol, which is based on n-type wafers. The technology is free of PID and LID and achieves particularly high efficiencies (potential of over 25%) as well as a particularly high bifaciality factor.


The n-type HiR technology combines charge carrier selective contacts, so-called ultra-thin tunnel oxides (SiO2), with a sophisticated multi-stack metallization and a multi-level anti-reflective coating.


The ultra-thin tunnel oxide layer reduces recombination losses and thus significantly increases efficiency. The very fine front and rear contact grids guarantee ideal electrical current absorption capability with good solderability and conductivity thanks to their layers that have each been optimised for their respective characteristics.


Thanks to the anti-reflective coating, which is not only classically single-layered but multi-layered, the reflection losses on the cell surface are minimised. At the same time, the cell surface appears darker (black), which makes it even more attractive for projects with high aesthetic requirements.

The unbeatable advantages of Megasol n-type HiR modules:

The most power-stable modules in the world


  • n-type HiR solar modules have a much higher power stability compared to conventional PERC modules. n-type HiR modules have a significantly lower power degradation and are completely PID- and LID-free due to their design. This results from the fact that n-type HiR is completely insensitive to boron-oxygen complexes responsible for PID.
  • In the market, PERC modules with 4-5% power degradation due to PID or LID are also considered "PID-free". However, a 4-5% difference in yield can have a massive impact on the economic profitability of solar plants. n-type HiR modules have 0% PID and 0% LID and are thus the most power-stable modules in the world.

Better economic profitability and higher project yields


  • n-type HiR modules have a very high power output combined with very compact dimensions. More yield per roof area leads to higher economic efficiency and better project yields.
  • An optimal thermal coefficient and better low-light performance lead to more yield per kWp.
  • All HiR modules are bifacial and have a significantly higher bifaciality factor (over 90% instead of the usual 70-75%).

Longer lifetime and longer warranty periods


  • Glass-glass modules are extremely durable and come with a Swiss product warranty of 15 years and a linear performance warranty of 30 years.
  • Best wattage prices per warranty year
  • Higher sustainability and lower proportion of grey energy

Attractive looks and easy installation


  • The black frame combined with beautiful multi-busbar half-cut cells guarantees an attractive appearance.
  • As light as a conventional glass-foil module thanks to thin glass (2 x 2 mm).
  • All HiR modules are equipped with original Stäubli MC4-Evo2 connectors and are designed for 1500V system voltage.
  • Excellent edge protection of the glass-glass module thanks to a 30 mm U-frame

HiR solar modules