Protect vehicles. Produce electricity. Generate profits.

The smart carport

Double benefit

Show your customers and employees your appreciation by providing them with covered parking lots. A carport protects the vehicles from the weather and leaves a good impression: namely that you are looking after your employees and customers.


All the better that the carport produces clean, eco-friendly electricity. You can use this electricity directly on the premises for your own consumption. But you can also feed it into the power grid and sell it or make it available on site in charging stations (for a fee or free of charge).

Intelligent design

The construction of the WingPort consists of modularly extendable steel elements. These can be easily mounted on any parking area and give the carport extraordinary stability. Therefore, the WingPort does not require central supports between the vehicles. This prevents damage and provides plenty of space for parking, getting out, loading and unloading the vehicles.


The butterfly design with the inwardly inclined wings ensures that all precipitation such as rain and snow is directed away from the users and their driving away area.


The power supply cables are routed above ground within the central platform, which saves considerable civil engineering costs.

Customized scaling

The WingPort can be scaled as required, as the solution concept is modular. The SingleWing basic unit consists of two parking lots, the DoubleWing basic unit of four parking lots. The recommended parking space size is 6 x 2.5 m. Individual dimensions are possible as well.

SingleWing: 2 parking lots per unit

DoubleWing: 2 x 2 parking lots per unit

Multifunction stop bar – focus on safety

User safety is an integral part of the WingPort concept. Here are the most important features:

  • Roll-on threshold. It enables easy parking and prevents damage to vehicles and infrastructure.
  • Protected central platform. It ensures a safe zone for the access routes and the operation of the charging stations.
  • Parking guidance system. It enables targeted and safe guidance of users. (optional)
  • Integrated parking field lighting. This makes the parking areas clearly recognisable at night and increases the users‘ feeling of safety. (optional)
  • Integrated parking space signage. The markings are applied on the roll-on threshold, so no additional parking sign is necessary. (optional)

Electric charging stations

The individual concept of the WingPort is suitable for vehicles of all types: whether conventional or electric. However, the inclusion of charging points is an option, as the intelligent charging stations can be perfectly integrated into the WingPort. Charging stations offer the following advantages:

  • Optimization of the own consumption
  • Efficient use of the power supply system
  • Protection of the electrical infrastructure against overload
  • Fast charging possible
  • Free power supply or payment option by card or app

Smart monitoring and control systems

The WingPort offers billing systems, monitoring and smart grid applications tailored to your exact requirements to optimize grid usage costs and own consumption. All data is graphically processed and made available in attractive visualizations (for example, for the reception area). Furthermore, the entire energy management of the corresponding building park can be integrated.


If required, the WingPort control systems can be expanded to an all-in-one solution for future-oriented fleet management.

Features at a glance

  • Eco-friendly electricity production
  • Set positive statement
  • Easily scalable
  • High flexibility despite standardization
  • Multifunction stop bar
  • User-friendly design
  • Smart monitoring and control systems
  • E-charging stations as part of the concept (optional)
  • Protects vehicles as well as users

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