Photovoltaics in any form

The possibilities of efficient solar power production are virtually unlimited today. The solar energy systems tailored with centimetre precision to a building point to the future. Solar farms on flat roofs of large industrial buildings and residential complexes will also continue to gain significance.


Photovoltaics integrated into buildings will shape architecture significantly in forthcoming years. The solar energy system, as an integrated part of the roof surface, brings the building to life. With these mounting systems, it is possible to realise all in-roof applications.


Rooftop solar systems can be realised cost efficiently on all roof surfaces. Efficient solar modules, supported by proven mounting systems, enable economical energy generation.

  • LAYUP Roof

    Fixation on pitched roofs for frameless glass-glass modules
  • LOCKUP Roof

    Fixation on pitched roofs for framed modules

Flat roof

Large roof surfaces of industrial complexes harbour enormous potential. Mounted solar power systems can be realised easily and at calculable costs.


Solar facades fulfil all the functions of a natural outer skin. They provide weather protection, thermal insulation, shading and energy generation at the same time. PV modules integrated into buildings replace conventional façade elements and turn the building envelope into a power plant.