Leading Architecture – Integrated Photovoltaics

It is surprising how harmoniously sustainable energy generation follows the lead of architecture. Technology has cast off adolescence and achieved maturity and flexibility.

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New methods have enabled accents and nuances. Subtle playing with invisibility is achieved just as successfully as an uncompromising display of technology as a design element.



The prescience of Perpetuum Mobile manifests itself in the building when integrated photovoltaics transform costs into returns.



Integrated systems form the framework of the design. The top priorities are safety and adaptability.


  • MATCH Tile

    The new solar roof covering in combination with classic roof tiles.

The MATCH roof-integrated system is predestined for roof-integrated systems with high aesthetic demands – especially for projects where the design of the roof is based on a classic roof tile look.


  • MATCH Slate

    Complete roof covering or in combination with shingle-like roof coverings.

Intelligently designed standard formats give the system a high degree of flexibility. The formats can be combined in any way in different installation layouts and thus give the roof an unmistakable character.

LEVEL roof-integrated system

The popular roof-integrated system enables complete roof covering and brings out the maximum solar yield even from complex surfaces. Individual solar modules (edge modules, integration of skylights, snow guard, individual anchoring points, etc.) as well as offset module grids ("English" layout) are part of the concept.

NICER roof-integrated system

Typical areas of use for NICER are pitched roofs, roofings of any kind, wood and steel constructions. The most frequently used roof-integrated system in Switzerland is especially suitable for flat inclinations up to 3°.

Solar tile

  • Solar tile

    > Seamless transition from module to tile
    > No sheet metal flashings required
    > Perfect for small and medium-sized projects

Solar tiles are ideally suited for small and medium-sized systems – both for new buildings and roof renovations. Typical areas of application are challenging roofscapes and locations with special requirements for historical site protection.

FAST facade system

  • FAST facade system

    > Energy production on the facade
    > Custom made manufacturing
    > Optimal facade protection

FAST is suitable for all areas where curtain wall systems are used. This includes single-family houses, apartment buildings, high-rises, etc. Glass-glass modules used on the facade are custom made. Their shape, colour, size and surface can be individually designed.