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Megasol is the leading manufacturer of solar modules and mounting systems throughout Europe.

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    Proximity, trust and competence – find out more about Megasol.
  • Technology

    For 25 years we have enabled the profitable and reliable production of sustainable solar power.
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    Satisfied partners and successful projects are the best reference for our company.
  • Design

    Solar modules are concluding their development towards a freely designable building material. The steps from the central idea to the solar module.
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    From costs to yields: solar integrations are profitable investments.
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    We accompany your solar project all the way from planning to operation.
  • Responsibility

    Megasol is expressly committed to responsible business activities.

Essential products

  • LEVEL roof-integrated system

    The solar system for sophisticated roof surfaces.
  • NICER roof-integrated system

    > Large surfaces
    > Optimal cost-efficiency
    > Toolless module installation
  • FAST facade system

    > Energy production on the facade
    > Custom made manufacturing
    > Optimal facade protection
  • Solar tile

    > Seamless transition from module to tile
    > No sheet metal flashings required
    > Perfect for small and medium-sized projects