Founded in 1993 as a garage company, Megasol has quickly developed into an internationally active company. We have always remained true to the pioneering spirit and Switzerland as a production location and the most important market area.

Production site Deitingen, Switzerland

Development, production, sales, logistics and administration are located at our headquarters in Deitingen. The heart of the site is the high-tech production facility, which specialises in medium-sized series and custom-made products. Our logistics centre is the largest warehouse for solar modules in Switzerland.


  • Annual capacity 80 megawatts
  • 70 employees at the location
  • Fully automated production line for glass-glass solar modules according to industry 4.0
  • Industrial production of special modules in any size, shape and colour
  • Customized modules and mounting solutions

Production site Ningbo, China

Our second factory is located in Ningbo, a coastal city in the eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang.


  • Annual capacity 130 megawatts
  • 120 employees, 25 of them in R&D and quality control
  • Fully automated production line for standard high performance modules
  • Semi-automatic production line for custom-made special modules
  • Complete raw material traceability and quality assurance

Lagerkapazität und Logistik

  • Effiziente internationale Logistik ab unseren Lagerstandorten in Ningbo (CN), Rotterdam (NL) und Deitingen (CH)
  • Permanent bis 35’000 Solarmodule ab Lager
  • 3’500 verschiedene Artikel verfügbar: Solarmodule, Montagesysteme, Wechselrichter und Zubehör
  • Lieferung kommissioniert direkt auf die Baustelle
  • Teilautomatisiertes Bearbeitungszentrum für kundenspezifische Zuschnitte und Assemblierungen in der Schweiz
  • Lieferung kommissioniert auf Baustelle

Worldwide sales network

Megasol can count on reliable partners and distributors worldwide: Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Kosovo, Kenya, Brazil, Colombia, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Philippines.

  • Vision

    The pioneering spirit of the founding days still shapes the company today.
  • Technology

    For 25 years we have enabled the profitable and reliable production of sustainable solar power.
  • Milestones

    From a garage company to a leading solar manufacturer.