Easy Installation – Rooftop Photovoltaics

We managed to retain the start-up spirit: We are young, fast, and incredibly innovative. Fast and powerful systems with smartly designed components down to the last detail speak for themselves.

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Solar modules

HiR Technology

The most power-stable modules in the world. The next generation of Megasol modules scores with what matters most: efficiency. Megasol's HiR© technology achieves record-breaking cell efficiency.

  • Better economic profitability
  • Higher project yields
  • Longer lifetime
  • Longer warranty periods
  • Attractive looks
  • Easy installation

Glass-glass modules

They generate up to 560 Wp. With a service life of over 50 years our glass-glass solar modules are particularly interesting for institutional investors.

  • Highest longevity
  • Strongest performance
  • High static load resistance
  • Bifacial or monofacial
  • Frameless


LOCKUP module fixation

  • LOCKUP Roof

    > All frames 30-40 mm
    > All pitched roof coverings
    > Best price-performance ratio
  • LOCKUP Flatport

    > All frames 30-40 mm
    > All flat roof coverings
    > Best price-performance ratio
  • Framed high performance modules
  • Pitched roof and flat roof
  • Two components: clamp and rail
  • Simple fastening to roof connection by means of screws or cross connectors
  • Secure fixation: click in and tighten with screwdriver
  • Compatible with all roof connections from Megasol, Schletter and K2

LAYUP module fixation

  • LAYUP Roof

    > Glass-glass modules
    > All pitched roof coverings
    > High longevity
  • LAYUP Flatport

    > Glass-glass modules
    > All flat roof coverings
    > High longevity
  • Frameless glass-glass modules (monofacial or bifacial)
  • Pitched roof, flat roof and facade
  • Elegant look thanks to flush-mounted installation
  • Ohne überstehende Rahmen (CleanFrame-Effekt)
  • Roof connection with screws or cross connectors
  • High stability thanks to large contact surface
  • Compatible with all roof connection points from Megasol, Schletter and K2

Roof connection

Pitched roof

  • Pitched roof

    The well-elaborate connection points for pitched roofs


  • Solid and proven systems
  • Simple and efficient installation

Roof coverings

  • Classic tile
  • Seam metal
  • Trapezoidal sheet
  • Corrugated roof
  • Plain tile
  • Fibre cement
  • Prefa

Flat roof

  • Flat roof

    The easy-to-mount Flatport trays for flat roofs


  • Compatible with LOCKUP and LAYUP
  • High-speed installation
  • Prevents roof membrane from damage
  • Simple ballasting

Roof coverings

  • Gravel
  • Granulate
  • Vegetated
  • Bitumen