Values as a solid foundation

Responsible actions form the cornerstone of our company. The aim is to create opportunities for others and therefore give back some of the success.


Social commitment

Megasol is committed to ecological and social sustainability projects in economically disadvantaged regions – for example Solafrica's Solar Learning Initiative and the Women's Solar Project Nicaragua. The commitment includes material supplies for specific projects or financial support, which benefit local vocational training and build up competent young talent in the solar sector.

Manufacturing and research site

Forward-looking and regular investments in the production site in Deitingen as well as close cooperations with universities and technology partners set the relevant signals and help to strengthen Switzerland as a centre of research and industry.

Corporate culture

The corporate culture is based on a high degree of trust in the employees. Room for creativity and self-responsibility are the sources of its innovative strength and the continual development of the company. In China, the remuneration exceeds the local standard in terms of benefit-oriented promotion. All employees are provided with further training and language courses. The implementation of Swiss safety and health standards at both sites is a question of entrepreneurial conscience.


Material and manufacturing

From the sourcing of raw materials to the completed solar module, manufacturing exclusively uses renewable energies. In Deitingen SO, the electricity necessary for the production is produced on site by means of a solar plant. The applied high-performance solar cells consist of high-purity silicon – free of cadmium, rare earths and heavy metals.


The involvement with the Swiss foundation SENS and the European PV Cycle enables the reuse of almost 100% of the used material.


An own fleet of electric vehicles and free solar charging stations at the Deitingen production site reinforces the investment in future-orientated environmental technologies.



Every year, the market research institute EUPD Research identifies the most successful and strongest brands on the PV market. For the installers surveyed, Megasol ranks consistently among the most popular module manufacturers.

Megasol is an award-winning company. Many Swiss and European solar prizes and architectural awards testify to the trust that is placed in Megasol.


The manufacturing processes are TÜV-tested and run in accordance with EN/IEC and ANSI/UL standards.



Based on the individual serial number, all materials used for each solar module can be traced back to the raw material batch without any gaps.

Testing steps

Each individual solar module undergoes a multitude of test steps. These include electroluminescence tests, flash tests and visual controls. The company has its own test centre. Tests such as Damp Heat, Shockfreeze, UV Lifetime, Dynamic Load, Thermocycle and Overpressure ensure the dura­bility of the solar modules.



Despite enormous potential, photovoltaics require strong voices in politics. Through memberships in industry associations and interest groups, Megasol is involved in sustainable progress. The focus in everyday life is on concrete steps: appearances at conferences, provision of comprehensive information material for voting and guided tours for schools and political parties – also for those who are traditionally critical of environmental issues.

Other topics

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