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NICER in hall and facade construction

What to do when light transmission is required in the solar facade or it comes under pressure in terms of price? The good, very interesting alternative to the classic curtain wall is a NICER façade. This is especially suitable when buildings are hall-like constructions and insulation issues are not crucial.

An excellent example is the Klein Matterhorn valley station at 2923 m.a.s.l. The translucent NICER modules give the hall structure a unique lightness. A filigree play of light combined with high static load-bearing capacity in the environment of the most demanding alpine conditions: The NICER façade can do it all.

NICER in-roof system: The most widely installed in-roof system in Switzerland is laid flush and floating. It is tight up to 3° slope. In one man-hour, 20 m2 can be laid. It can also be used in the facade. Pictures valley station: Solarbau Lowel GmbH

NICER facade buildings

Tips & Tricks

  • Bifacial modules - the second face

    In addition to the direct solar radiation on the front side, bifacial modules also use the indirect and diffuse light on the back side.
  • LEVEL in practice

    Discover the possibilities of the different types of installation of the LEVEL in-roof system

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