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Added value with system

The more projects are realized with the LEVEL in-roof system, the clearer it becomes that good design is possible with the usual effort at competitive costs.


For this single-family house in Pfäffikon ZH, a complete English-style roof covering was installed. The horizontal offset of the module rows gives the structure a special lightness. The costs also remain light. Material and installation costs remain the same with this type of design.

Categories special modules

Category 1
Module width is adjusted.

Category 2
A side slant or module height is adjusted.

Category 3

Various changes compared to the stand modules: Two sides oblique, cutouts, round shapes, holes, etc.

Category 4

The same modules as for category 3, but without cells.

Laying types

Standard installation
6   Special modules (Cat. 2)
9   Standard modules
15  Modules total

Staggered laying
6    Special modules (Cat. 2)
8    Standard modules
14  Total modules

In this example, one standard module can be "saved" if the number of special modules remains the same. The savings potential increases with the size of the roof area.

Product information

Tips & Tricks

  • NICER as a facade

    The alternative to the classic curtain wall is a NICER facade. This is particularly suitable when buildings are hall-like constructions.
  • Bifacial modules - the second face

    In addition to the direct solar radiation on the front side, bifacial modules also use the indirect and diffuse light on the back side.

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