Flat roof

The easy-to-mount Flatport trays for flat roofs are the ideal base for LOCKUP and LAYUP module fixations.

Flatport tray with LOCKUP rail

Quick and gentle installation

  • Upside-down procedure
  • No punctual load on the roof membrane

All flat roof coverings

  • Gravel / granulate
  • Vegetated / bitumen

High longevity

  • Corrosion resistant alloy
  • 10 years material warranty

1 Place the LOCKUP rail on Megasol trestles and insert M10x25 hexagon screws into the rail.

2 Place the Flatport trays upside down on the rails and tighten them with M10 flange nuts.

3 Turn the trays over with the rails, align them on the surface and ballast them.

Simple ballasting

  • Gravel or slabs
  • Ballasting plan on request

Simple combination

  • Compatible with LOCKUP and LAYUP module fixations
  • Quick fastening with screws

Module fixations