Completely glare free solar designs

The acceptance of solar systems among the population is very high. It is always our concern to strengthen this acceptance even further with new designs and unrestricted individualization options.

"Glare" is very rarely an issue with solar modules. However, when various unfavorable factors such as a special installation situation, sensitive, subjective perception and regulatory restrictions (e.g. at traffic intersections) coincide, the requirements for "glare-free" solar modules can be very high.

That's why we created the new "ZeroReflect" design in our in-house design lab. This is a new surface that is completely glare- and reflection-free, completely independent of the installation situation, angle or time of day.

We thus offer our partners (and their builders) a solution to deliberately anticipate the issue. Discussions about the reflection of solar modules (also e.g. in sensitive neighborhoods) are thus elegantly avoided.

Any solar panel from Megasol can be manufactured with the "ZeroReflect" design. Inquire now.

A colored solar module without anti-reflective coating (float glass). Both solar modules are illuminated exactly the same.

A colored solar panel with ZeroReflect design. With ZeroReflect, there is no glare and no reflection.

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