Solar tile

The system for single-family homes

  • Seamless transition from module to tile
  • Compatible with leading tile systems
  • Terracotta and Full Black
  • High acceptance in terms of monument protection
  • No sheet metal flashings required
  • Perfect for small and medium-sized projects

Areas of application

Solar tiles are ideally suited for small and medium-sized systems – both for new buildings and roof renovations. Typical areas of application are challenging roofscapes
and locations with special requirements for historical site protection.

How it works

Modules and tiles are laid out on a conventional roof battens and fit seamlessly into each other. The absence of sheet metal flashing saves installation and material costs.


This solar roofing system meets particularly high aesthetic requirements and is modularly expandable. Thanks to its horizontal and vertical flexibility, the system is also suitable for roof surfaces with obstacles such as chimneys, skylights or dormers.


Solar tiles are available in the colour variations Full Black and Terracotta.

They are compatible with the following roof tiles:

  • Flat sliding tile FS 03 (Gasser Ceramic)
  • Hollow sliding tile MS 95 (Gasser Ceramic)
  • CANTUS tile (Creaton)
  • TERRA OPTIMA tile (Creaton)

1 Lay out the first roof tiles on a conventional roof batten.

2 Place one solar tile instead of four roof tiles. Secure the module.

3 Place the roof tiles over the solar tiles.

Hook in the aluminium clips.

The aluminium clips are available for roof battens of 24 or 30 mm. For normal requirements, two clips per solar tile are used – additional clips can provide extra security for increased requirements.

Colour variations

The basic palette contains two colour versions. More complex design requirements (colour, surface) can be realised with individually designed solar modules.

Full Black


Type of installation

Solar tiles are installed like normal roof tiles. One solar tile replaces four roof tiles.

Installation time

The installation time corresponds to that of classic roof tiles.


  • Solar tile (10 cells)
  • Alu clip for 24 mm / 30 mm battens
  • End rail for FS 03 / MS 95 tiles

Sub-roof requirements

  • Roof pitch above 20°: sub-roof for normal demands
  • 18° - 19°: sub-roof for increased demands
  • 15° - 17°: sub-roof for extraordinary demands
  • 10° - 14°: sub-roof for extraordinary demands with additional measures
  • 3° - 10°: sub-roof with flat roof quality

Technical specifications

Solar module type: glass-glass modules with frame

Modular dimensions: 890(-900) x 350(-380) mm

Fire protection: Top and back layer are made of heat-resistant glass. The component is considered to be non-combustible material as defined by the Cantonal Fire Insurances.

Rear ventilation: by means of wooden slats

Compatible solar modules