Impressively simple concept

Megasol enables the financing of solar plants with selected partners. The partner company takes over the financing of the plant and takes care of the insurance and maintenance of the plants.

Competitive advantage for installers

Installers who submit their offer to the building owner with this financing concept clearly stand out from competitors. It may also be possible to realize installations whose costs the homeowner would not be able to bear. Anchoring the brokerage of financing/roofs firmly in one's own strategy can therefore make a lot of sense.

Benefits for roof owners

As an owner, you can use your roof for the production of solar energy without having to make any investments yourself. You simply make your previously unproductive area available for a solar system. Once this is in operation, you benefit from solar power and save costs compared to the previous electricity price. The repurchase of the solar plant at the residual value is possible at any time. At the end of the contract, the roof owner will take over the system free of charge.

Profit for real estate managers

As a property manager, you are interested in optimal returns. By using the roof areas for ecological power generation, your portfolio gains significantly in value. A solar system on rental properties is economically interesting and generates a profit for you. With our financing solution, you do not have to invest anything for this. However, you can earn an additional return by investing as much as you like.

More topics

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  • Cooperation

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